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Tutorphil In Need Of Some Inspirational Speakers!

On Friday 15th November, the FE courses here at Rochester are having a pre-UCAS application day in which we've been asked to participate.  Put simply, we've got a slot at 11.30am - 1pm in which to inspire some young minds in regard to the CGAA experience!  I'm looking for volunteers from years 2 and 3 who might be willing to put together short inspirational presentations designed to show pre-applicants what it's like to be a CGAA student at Rochester.  Possible topics for presentations might be your current projects, or work experience stories, or working on the recent ACT collaboration - or working as a collaborative studio, for example.  I know some of the year 3 students have scheduled tutorial slots during this time, but if you're interested in helping me out, I'm sure I can swing it with Alan to reschedule.  If you are interested, please leave a comment on this post, and I'll be in touch.  Cheers.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I could convince the team to do one together? Or I'd do one on my own if you still need people.

    1. that's a nice idea, Sammy - I'll be in touch - or we'll catch a few minutes on Friday; hope you're not burning that candle at too many of its ends right now, getting that animatic completed!


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