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The Tombola Of Dreams Grand Prize!

Announcing the CGAA Tombola Of Dreams Grand Prize!

Go here to view a list of all the Tombola Prizes.  Prize Draw tickets are £10 and you can only purchase a total of 2 tickets for this term's Tombola. When you've purchased a ticket I will receive an email notification of your purchase.  I will then issue you with  your paper raffle ticket(s) in readiness for the draw - don't lose it. All proceeds go to funding New Designers 2014 - the UK's biggest show for graduate artists and designers - and our graduates' opportunity to shine.  Get involved, purchase your tickets - and best of luck!  The time and place of the Prize Draw will be announced on here soon.

Go Here to Buy Your Tickets Now!


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    1. Get in there, Heidi! We thank you very much - I'll come find you with your paper raffle tickets on Friday :)


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