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The Supplement: Hyperrealistic Painting

While exploring the realms of hyperreality within my  postmodernism research, I came across an interesting article showcasing a selection of hyperrealistic paintings from artists around the globe, discussing their techniques. The attention to detail and realism within to their work provoke a self induced argument that make you question whether or not they are photographs or paintings. There are plenty of examples out there, these are a just a select few, take a look!

Off the Track, by Denis Peterson (Urenthanes on Wooden Panel)

Berkeley Pinto, by Robert Bechtle (Oil on Canvas)

Volkswagen, by Don Eddy (Acrylic on Canvas)

Gap Outlet, Waterside Shops, by Tom Blackwell (Oils on Canvas)

Supersandwhich! by Tjalf Sparnaay (Oil on Linen)

Monument Square by Anthony Brunelli (Oil on Linen)

1908 Indian Racer by Peter Maier (Oil on Canvas)

Bahama Surf by Charles Hartley (Oil on Polyester)

DJ #2. by Matteo Mezetta (Oil on Canvas)

Sushi! by Hubert De Lartigue (Acrylic on Canvas)

 Autonno 2. by Luigi Benedicenti (Oil on Panel)

 Rosies Diner by Robert Gniewek (Oil on Canvas)

 Midway by David Parrish (Oil on Canvas)

 Beach 125 by Hilo Chen

42nd Street, Sunday Morning by Clive Head (Oil on Linen)


  1. It took me good 5 minutes to process in my head they aren't real photos!! And I understood just when I read that it's oil and canvas. Very impressive

  2. Hyperrealistic paintings always puzzle me - I admire them, but I find I can dismiss them too as somehow 'not interesting'. That said, I've always liked this guy's stuff - probably because of how filmic it is:

  3. I think you have to like the subject matter and personally I love this sort of representation of Americana, I also think these paintings are going to become highly collectible/desirable in the art market sometime in the future. They're like one-off postcards.

    Another great artist of this style is Danny Heller. Check him out!


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