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CGAA One-a-Day: Christmas Adverts

Well, actually 2 a day...

First up, John Lewis' hybrid of 2D animation and miniature backgrounds [similar to When the Wind Blows (1986)]

Secondly, Marks and Spencer's reference-laden live-action (I'm sure Phil could give a whole lecture on the various ways this is postmodern...)


  1. Curse you, Dan - I've just watch the John Lewis advertisement, thinking 'hah! I'm much too old and ugly to be drawn in by cute Narnia-esque snowscapes and charming woodland animals playing with baubles'... and then, bang - the reveal of the alarm clock - hairs on arms stand-up - weird sad/happy/excited rush of nostalgia and childhood ache for simpler times. Curse you, Dan - and curse you John Lewis! By comparison, I find the M&S mash-up rather charmless - and not a bit odd, considering our heroine seems to be continually stripped of her clothes; I know they're trying to sell someone bras and knickers, but it does feel a little as if this magical land of make-believe is engineered by a bunch of voyeurs!


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