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CGAA Miscellaneous: The Pixar Theory

While browsing the corners of the internet, I found an interesting article titled "The Pixar Theory" created by writer, Jon Negroni. Could there be more to the Pixar movies than you think? His theory argues that every Pixar production is interlinked into one overarching story that begins with 'Brave' (2012). I thought it was highly implausible to begin with too, but in the end was perplexed by this fun yet crazy idea. The full article can be found on his website linked below. Be prepared to dive into this weird theory!

And of course, video-bloggers have had a say on their own opinions relating to this theory too. Below is a video from user 'TMGsIRL' that audio books Negroni's article while incorporating his own analysis and involving supporting images.


  1. Silly but fun. I always considered that Pixar film's take place in the same 'Pixar universe'. A bit like how Quentin Tarantino film's or Bret Easton Ellis book's have numerous references and throwbacks to their other works. However, there's little attention or desire to adhere to any logical continuity. Just fun easter eggs for the keen eyed.

  2. Fun, creative, and interestingly constructed. However, adding together themes and easter eggs to produce a conspiracy style continuity shouldn't be taken too seriously.


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