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Prague Trip - Update!

A few of you have been asking for an update on the Prague Trip.  The short version is we're about to launch the 'online store', which is the payment method you'll be required to use.   Watch this space for instructions.  

Because of constraints and time pressures arising from budget airlines and holding hotel reservations, you will need to move very quickly when the online store goes operational.  We think the deadline for paying the FULL AMOUNT will be as immediate as October 15th - or even a bit sooner (we're still awaiting confirmation from the hotel people re. deadlines).  So, that's a one-off payment of £250 required very soon.  I appreciate this is hardly ideal - a deposit and final payment would be preferable in terms of your budgets, I'm sure - but we're tied into a cost + time + quick response time scenario in terms of keeping the overall price as low as it is.  If we delay, the overall price could increase - hence the urgency and short notice.

So, ladies and gents - this is a heads-up and a request that you keep your eyes glued to the group blog in readiness for the online store announcement.  I really hope we can make this happen - and if we can't, I'll explore some other options in terms of trips etc.


  1. Hi Phil, just curious.. This is still based on a first come first payment received gets it basis or those who have signed up for it gets to go?

  2. Hi Ayunie - I'm assuming the students who have professed interest in the trip are those most likely to be able or willing to find the money - so my expectation is that the students paying first will be the students who professed their interest first.


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