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Modellor/Animator Required for Short Fashion Film

It seems that word has finally got round that CGA&A produces talented go-to-guys who can adapt readily to different sorts of projects.  I was contacted by another FP student today, who's offering to pay for a spot of CG freelance.  Again - think of your cvs and how live projects enrich your experience - and employability.

Brief: The brief is to create an innovative idea for a client in Covent Garden to attract more visitors etc.. I have chosen to go with Ted Baker.

Idea: My concept is to create a 3D holographic window display showing the process of tailoring. So there will be a tailor (sitting on a sewing machine) and a female model in nude underwear and he will create her clothes until she is gradually dressed in Ted Baker. The idea is to celebrate British Tailoring in a futuristic way to make a traditional idea, modern (sort of).

The outcome: I basically need the idea rendered and created on Maya in 3D as a 15-20 second clip, just to bring my idea to life. All I need is a man looking down at a sewing machine and a female model with her hand on her hip and moving her legs or something. However, the figures can be as simplistic as possible. For instance, they can be nude 3D featureless figures. They could be standing inside a shop window with an arch above.

Deadline: 31st of December 2013

Contact and further information: If this idea sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact me at and we'll discuss the project further.

100% Credit will be given and a sum of £50-£70 will be paid.

Thank you very much!

Husniye Guler