Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Author in Residence - Wednesday - Jon Stewart


Hello again, Wednesday now. I'll maintain the same format.

Today, I'll be showing some work from another 3D artist I admire - Carlos Ortega Elizalde or 'Stroggtank' as he is known on the interwebs. In all honesty, I don't really have that many 3D artists whom I follow. Andrew Hickinbottom and Carlos are the two main guys. Mostly I'm more inspired and I enjoy 2D art a lot more. Which as a 3D artist makes a whole heap of sense, as what you produce often comes from 2D imagery.


I try to link each section together, so in this case; I recommend reading a great tutorial written by Carlos Ortega detailing the process of one of his pinups. Go here.

I was struggling to think what Animation to suggest today. I don't know too many. Brain Divided was a great one though !

Tune wise, one of my favorite music producers recently released a new album. 
and he was gracious enough to upload the whole thing to soundcloud. So go listen here maybe?

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