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FAO CGAA Year 3: Tuesday's Dissertation Tutorials - Group 3

It's that time again, Group 3 - your second dissertation tutorial.  With only one more opportunity after this to discuss your progress before you hand-in your draft, it's really important that we make these tutorials as productive and effective as possible - which, in short, means that you need to ensure you're making good progress. 

In light of our previous discussions re. refining your structures, I'd like to see a detailed paragraph-by-paragraph plan of each of your chapters - or as far as you can; i.e., how you intend to flow from one point to the next.   I'd like to see the individual stepping stones of your argument and the ways in which you intend to use the range of your published sources. This way we can trouble-shoot any gaps or logic problems and further crystallise the point and purpose of each chapter.  What your Tuesday tutorial shouldn't be is just more chat.  Let's try and move things along.   If you want to email me your chapter plans prior to Tuesday, please do so, but don't send them too late, or I might not get the chance to review them before we meet.  Better still, consider putting your essay structures on your blogs as Scribd documents for the opportunity for some written feedback prior to our meet-up.

Group 3

9.30 Kadeem
10.00 Ilmi
10.30 Kolade
11.00 Steven
11.30 Chrissie
12.00 Lloyd
12.30 Mike

See you Tuesday :)