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FAO CGAA Year 1: Timetable Changes Ahead!

Okay - I've got some timetable changes to announce for tomorrow (Friday 18th) and Monday (21st).  Please make a note of them and ensure your classmates are aware. Any questions, leave a comment.

Unfortunately, Meg Bisineer has the flu and will be unable to work with you tomorrow.  Meg sends her apologies.  Therefore your scheduled animation workshops will resume again on Friday 1st Nov - as next Friday is your Cinematic Spaces crit.  Friday's Photoshop classes with Jordan Buckner will continue as timetabled, with groups 3/4 starting at 11am in DM5, and groups 1/2 starting at 2.30pm.  In light of the proximity of your first project deadline, I suggest you use your 'free' morning/afternoon very productively!

BTW - the issues with Wacom drivers in DM5 have now been resolved by Computer Services.

In my ongoing mission to ensure that room booking issues don't impact upon your experience, I've had to re-jig your timetable for next Monday (21st).  Please take a look at Monday's timetabled Toolkit sessions as outlined below.  Note that both Photoshop classes are taking place in the morning, with Group A in DM1 and Group B in DM4 - and please note the 10am and 10.30am start times.  This means Jordan can preface both sessions and get  you underway. You will supported in these classes by Jordan and by Simon Holland.  Both Maya classes are in the afternoon - a little shorter than you're used to, but Simon assures me you're fast learners! ;)

Please use your network of creative partners to get this information out there - much appreciated.


  1. Noted with thanks! Will let my creative partners know :)

    1. ... and thank you, Ayunie for spreading the word so efficiently :) Much appreciated.


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