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CGAA Years 1,2,3 - Complete Blog Lists 2013/14

Here it is - the definitive individual blog list for CGAA 2013/14!  Maybe you've missed one - if so, add them to your reading list.  This is your creative community, support network, and inspiration-machine.  Get stuck in!

Year One

Candice Hiu Fu Leung@

Year Two

Akinbiyi Babarinde @ 
Magdelena Karbowska @ 

Year Three

David Vandepeer @ 
Michael Smallwood @ 
Kadeem Molyneaux-Reid @ 
Urvashi Lele @ 
Ernesta Baniulyte @


  1. Hi, sorry Im Akinbiyi (2nd year)... it's :D

    1. b****r! - will correct pronto - apologies, Akinbiyi


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