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CGAA Year 1: Project Two: Secret Lairs - Examples of Previous Student Work & Your Creative Partners Announced!

Phew! Project two already! And while you've got seven weeks, you're also working creatively in Maya for the first time. Please don't underestimate the challenge in this!  You don't yet know what you don't know about this creative process and to begin with, your progress will be slow.  If you know you could have managed your Cinematic Spaces project more effectively, please take that knowledge forward into this experience.  

Once again, I'm including here examples of previous student work in response to this same brief.  By clicking on the student's name, you can access all posts related to their 'Secret Lairs' creative development.  I urge you to take the requisite time to reflect on their bodies of work.  If you're sensible, you'll take this opportunity to think about the ways in which these students organised, presented and published their creative development.  You should also use these examples to gauge the productivity, responsiveness and work-rate now expected of you too.   Happy browsing and get inspired.

Secret Lairs means 'Maya' and trust me, there are going to be times when you're in need of a quick fix outside of normal hours, or if teaching staff are otherwise busy. No fear! Be sure to 'Ask Ethan' by following the simple 'help desk' instructions as outlined here. In simple terms, you upload the 'Ask Ethan' icon to your blog and ask your question. If Ethan can help you, he will.

Jackie Hagan will once again be feeding back on your Mise-en-scene film reviews as and when you publish them, offering invaluable advice and weeding out any bad habits. Now that you've got the basics of academic writing and referencing, I've asked Jackie to be very picky indeed about the quality of your research, your style and presentation - and your spelling and grammar! Complete your reviews promptly after the film screenings to make the most of this support - and remember; you have a Contextual Studies written assignment to undertake very soon now and each review you write is you getting a little bit more confident in terms of this essential aspect of your degree experience. If you want the bigger picture, think on this: the 8,000 dissertation you will write in year 3 is worth 25% of your overall degree award - which means you'd better be pretty good at this stuff by then (and your film reviews are helping you achieve this).

You have new Creative Partners for the duration of this unit and they are listed below.  First job - go introduce yourself via a blog comment and get things rolling.  Remember, if you don't interact with others positively and productively you're being unprofessional - simple as - and professionalism is one of your key assessment criteria on all CGAA project briefs.

Creative Partnerships: Secret Lairs 2013

Gemma Titchmarsh @ 

Your first of two Online Greenlight Reviews is Wednesday 6th November (that's a week this Wednesday!), the specific requirements for which will be announced here on the group blog later tonight, so stay tuned, read the brief, read it again, use myUCA, read stuff, research stuff, draw stuff, enjoy yourself, work hard and 'be amazing!'