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CGAA The Supplement: Dylan Izaak

I saw Dylan Izaak's work yesterday in a Bluewater gallery. I actually stopped suddenly to look at them because they're so striking. A British born artist who started off as a street artist before showing in galleries. I think it reminds me of Toon Town in 'Roger Rabbit' where the environment and inanimate objects all have a character and are all dancing. It's like Izaak is trying to show the constant noise and movement of cities.

Check out an online gallery of his work here


  1. Yes, I saw them in Bluewater too and had the same Toon Town thought. Nice work. They also reminded me of a Trebor Soft Mints advert from the 80's called Mr Soft...

  2. I can't stop looking at them.. its like the colour will never fada. It is like someone unleashed felt tips in Mr. Soft's world :D


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