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Author in Residence - Tuesday - Jon Stewart

 Alright, quick one from me today as it's been a long day at work!
Continuing in yesterday's fashion, I'll start with one of my favorite artists.

 Today I'd like to introduce you all to Matt Dixon. I've managed to meet him at a couple of conventions and he's a lovely guy. Again, he's a bit of a pinup illustrator, though he also had a period working in the video games industry.

Animation wise, one of the first that comes to my mind was this awesome proof of concept piece called 'Azureus Rising' which I really wish would have developed into something more. Shame really, check it out.

Recommended reading for today is completely unrelated to CG Arts, and isn't a specific piece of literature, but instead an author. I recommend reading some books from one of my favorite authors : Wilbur Smith! :) Especially the Courtney series of books.

I decided to add The Tune here. This isn't strictly 'music' but it's what I mostly listen to whilst I work. Podcasts. Here are the ones I listen to the most!.

Tell ' em Steve-Dave (This is part of the Kevin Smith Smodcast network, and it basically got me through University)

The Nerdist Podcast (This is hosted by a guy called Chris Hardwick and he has some very famous guests on there - Joss Whedon, Ken Levine, Tom Hanks, Seth Rogen to name a few. Very funny and entertaining) 

Crunchcast (This is hosted by a few video game artists over on Polycount and is very much CG and Video game related. Very interesting stuff.



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