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Author - in - Residence: Recommended Listening.

As dissertation pressure looms it's hard to find a way to concentrate. When I was writing mine a savior for me was having the right music to listen to, and the main source for me was a constant stream of classical music.

You may already be using sites such as Spotify and YouTube, but a favourite of mine is All you do is type in your genre or desired artist, such as Baroque in this case, click the 'Listen to radio' link and it will generate a radio station with only similar music playing on it. There are few adverts and I found the constant stream of music beneficial because I wasn't always looking for something else and having to click links to remove ridiculously long adverts.

I definitely recommend listening to classical music, (I don't know about you) I always want to sing along to music I know and that leads me to lose where I am, whereas classical music is always pleasant in the background! :)


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