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Author - in - Residence : CGAA Design: Doktor A.

Doktor A was one of the first 'Designer Toy' artists that really grabbed my attention. A mixture of big-headed, wide-eyed cuteness and patina covered robots, all tied together with a love for Steampunk.

If you enjoyed the above pieces from his latest exhibition, Monsters & Misfits III, then you can find his website here. I've always found his work particularly exciting, but maybe that's because some of his creations remind me of Tik-Toc :P


  1. Thanks Molly, for taking over the reigns this week - I just took the liberty of swapping around the Design Banner; those banners can be formated as 'original size' and aligned left :) Nice to have you in the mix!

  2. No problem! Thank you for swapping the banners, I knew something was amiss :)


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