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Author-in-Residence, Day 4 - Contextual Studies briefing day

Today, dear First Years, you are going to briefed in your Contextual Studies unit -

In the coming weeks you will be looking at subjects such as Classicism, Psychoanalysis, Semiotics... and many of you will get jittery at the thought of writing an essay encompassing these areas of study. 
But why?  Those of you that have been writing your film reviews have already maybe touched on these areas, possibly without even realising it!
You have already improved your writing styles and have practised using the Harvard Method for referencing. 
You have researched sources for quotes. 
You have been putting the films you have watched into context. 
You have been making comparisons between the old films of the 1920s and their modern counterparts. 
You have been practising writing your essay! :)


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