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Author - in - Residence : The BFI

The BFI is home to British Film. There are always screenings and events taking place to fill film enthusiasts with inspiration. Including new and old film screenings often with Q&A's after with the director or main actors! (Lots of famous people roam the BFI if that's what you're into)

The educational department BFI Future Film work directly with 16 - 25 year olds who love film and help young filmmakers to develop their craft.

Personally I've been involved with many of their programs and have found them highly informative and inspiring. In particular the BFI D.I.Y. Filmmaking Fortnight which takes place every year in August teaches you how to do all the basics of making a film, by making a short film within a really intense fortnight. It's a great course to put those twiddling summer break fingers to work!

For those of you interested - I mean REALLY interested in the film industry.... get going and seek out these cool opportunities (There was at least 1 first year interested during induction week... here's your chance to explore what's available)