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Author - in - Residence : 'Art & Making Of' - What to include in yours

This post is designed to give you a guide on what to include in your 'Art & Making of' Books. 

I personally own a bunch of really cool 'Art Of' and 'Making Of' books for different films and animations that I love and when it comes to preparing the same books for my own projects I wanted to dissect what I find appealing about each different layout types and what is relevant to this level of work. 

Below will be a list of pages that, if graphically designed to flow with your own projects could make a really cool, hold in your hand, printed document of all the hard work that went into your work.

• A Cool Cover
• Inset - Concept Art (Normally a piece of concept art to fill the page with a lower opacity)
• Book Title on a page
• Contents
: Chapters
- Pre-production
- Production
- Post Production
- Conclusion
- Acknowledgements
• Inset
• Back Cover

For Example : When I make a book for 'How Winnie got her False Teeth'
here is how I will structure it:

• Front Cover
• Inset
• Book title
• Contents

• Chapter 01 title page : Pre-production
- A bit about me, my influences, slight background, where I do my work, a self portrait
- Where the story originated from (Winnie at Sunday lunch)
- Script
- Sketches
- Experimental drawings
- Zbrush Model
- Screen grabs of animation tests
- Winnie final drawings
- Concept Art

• Chapter 02 title page : Production
- Stages of production : Animation Reference
- Style choices behind characters
- Building Winnie's room and items
- Winnies Textures
- Lighting (Show different tests)
- Comparison shots (Sketches to 3D Model Render)
- Animating the 3D Character
- Animating the 2D Sequences

• Chapter 03 title page : Post-production
- Compositing Screen shots & Explanations
- Sound
- Credits

• Stills from the final animation
• Festival success (Winnie in Bikini & Fruit hat)
• Conclusion
• Acknowledgments
• Inset
• Back Cover

You want your book to attract people and show YOUR creative process

I hope this helps....