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Animators Wanted For Short Fashion Film!

I received this email today - hope one of you/some of you might come to their assistance; more notches on those cvs!

"We are two students from Fashion Promotion year 2 who would be looking for some animation students with whom to collaborate for our short film project! Our idea is:

2 min long fashion short film collaborating with London's well known milliner, Piers Atkinson! We have actually contacted the designer and got the real designs from him and he is interested in this project as well. Our aim would be to include some animation effects in the film, which would play over the main narrative (see example moodboard).  The animations would not be anything too complicated, no more than simple forms and silhouettes like feathers, bats, flowers, & little creatures...

This would be a great opportunity to collaborate with fashion and digital media students and professionals. Our idea is also to participate in different film festivals and competitions so this would be a really interesting experience for everyone!"

Here you can see some of our work in our online portfolios: 

If you're interested please email