Friday, September 13, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 2 - Timetable: Your Week One 'Snapshot'

Greetings CGAA Year 2s! It's that time again soon - so soon in fact, I'm giving you this snapshot of your week one timetable.  Alan and I are still pushing the jigsaw pieces around behind the scenes, and we'll be making your complete timetables available soon.  Until then, get your heads around week one at least.  Your first scheduled point-of-contact is Tuesday 24th @ 1pm for your Narrative briefing, but you are, of course, welcome in the building before then!  Not everyone is checking the group blog routinely yet, so could those of you that are please share this info as widely as possible via your other social networks.  We look forward to seeing all of you back in the mix soon.*

*We'll be taking the new first years down to Wetherspoons on Friday 20th September following their traditional meet and greet with the course team and fellow students.   I'll be notifying everyone on here soon, but consider this another heads-up. It would be good if we could make everyone feel as welcome as possible, so the more the merrier :)