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FAO CGAA Year 1: Revised Group Lists & Change Of Room for Photoshop Class

See below: your Toolkit groups have been revised in light of final student numbers.  For most of you, it means no change from your previous groupings, but please take note if you have moved from one group to another and how this effects your timetable more generally.  The revised group lists are viewable too on myUCA under CG Artist's Toolkit/Handbook & Timetable.  Please use your network of creative partners to ensure all your classmates have seen this information in readiness for next week.  

Please note that this Monday's Photoshop classes with Jordan Buckner are in DM4 on the Lwr 2nd Floor.  Don't worry - I'll be on hand tomorrow morning to direct you.  Assemble in the CGAA baseroom at 9.50am and I'll show you the way :)