Monday, September 09, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1, 2, 3: Course Reps Required For New Academic Year

There's something I'd like you to think about as we approach the start of the new term.  We need 2 course representatives from each year group to work alongside the course team and in accordance with SU guidelines, the reps need to be 'elected'.  Rochester Campus Officer, Jasmine Grimshaw will be coming to speak with year one students about the importance of course reps during induction week. 

There are plenty of reasons to be a course rep. These include:

  • Add a wide variety of new skills to your portfolio.
  • Work towards recognition from the University.
  • Opportunities for paid work within the University
  • Access to a full skills based training programme
  • A wide variety of online resources to use
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Be the change that improves student experience for all
  • Develop stronger professional relationships with staff and academics

I'm looking for individuals from year 2 and 3 who are interested in putting themselves forward as course representatives, but you'll still need to be 'elected' by your peers.  We can administrate this necessarily democratic process in a number of ways; a show of hands, voting slips, or we could do it here via the group blog.  SU guidelines encourage us to ask any prospective reps to give a short talk to classmates prior to the vote - which we can do - but can I suggest instead that interested parties email me a short 'mission statement' outlining your interests in the position and your view on its importance and I'll put together an electoral candidates blogpost prior to a paper vote when we're next altogether.  If you could also include a photo of yourself in the email, that would be helpful. My email is

If you've got any queries about the role and its responsibilities, please email Jasmine at