Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CGAA Year 1: Project One: Cinematic Spaces - Examples of Previous Student Work & Your Creative Partners Announced!

And so it begins, ladies and gentlemen - your first undergraduate project brief, and your first foray into the fast-paced, high-energy culture of Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation! I'm not alone in looking forward to seeing how you respond to the challenge of your Cinematic Spaces project, but before you get stuck in, just take a few moments to take a look at these examples of previous student work.  By clicking on their names, you'll be able to view all blog posts associated with their respective Cinematic Spaces projects.   Don't get preoccupied with the polish of the final paintings (that will be you too in five weeks), give your attention instead to their methodology - that is, how they arrived at the final three paintings.  Review their research and reflect on its presentation.  Take time to think about the ways in which the students have organised, presented and published their bodies of work.   I also want you to read some of their film reviews, and consider their feedback from me and from others.   Do this now and save yourselves valuable time by finessing your workflow from week one and avoiding any classic school boy errors.  Happy browsing!

In addition to reviewing these examples of student work, be sure to check out all the resources, references and learning materials available to you via myUCA.  The 'podcast' from today's briefing presentation is now available. You should look too at the pdf entitled Academic Writing - Hints & Tips available in the folder Essays & Articles.  It offers lots of practical advice on developing a more academic writing style in readiness for your film reviews and written assignments.

A link explaining how to reference the published sources in your film reviews correctly using the Harvard Method - which is compulsory - is included on your brief, but you can also access that information here

Jordan Buckner's Photoshop Class 1 Toolkit Presentation is now available on myUCA/Space&Environment. Jordan has also made some thumbnail templates available here as psd files for your convenience.

It's time to begin blogging your work - little and often. Invite feedback and discussion by numbering your thumbnails and welcoming the opinions of others.  Similarly, try putting questions into your post titles: for example: 'Thumbnail 12 or 20? Feedback Welcome!' Remember, no queries can be answered or advice given or great ideas celebrated in the Post With The Most if you don't get yourself out there.  Always title your posts and please label your content according to the conventions outlined on your project brief: i.e., cinematic spaces, space and environment, digital painting etc.  Labelling will help you organise your blog as the year goes on and will make life easier, so start now and be consistent.

There are many ways for you to seek assistance. When it comes to Maya, be sure to 'Ask Ethan' by following the simple 'help desk' instructions as outlined here.

Jackie Hagan will be feeding back on your Cinematic Spaces film reviews as and when you publish them, offering invaluable advice and weeding out any bad habits or poor practice very early on. Complete your reviews promptly after the film screenings to make the most of this support. 

In addition, your mentors will be watching your progress too and will be able to offer their insight and experience.  Listen to them - they know what they're talking about!

You also have Creative Partners for the duration of this unit.  I want to see you working together proactively.  Be honest with each other; if you don't think a partner's drawing is working, then say so  - constructively - by helping to identify solutions or new approaches. If you think a drawing is working, then say so too.  It can feel strange giving your own peers feedback, but the sooner you get used to it, the better.  Find dynamic and visual ways of archiving your creative partnerships - video diaries, anyone? Audio recordings of brainstorming sessions? Scans of A1 brainstorming sessions?  Go on, year one - surprise me! Delight me! Your creative partnerships should feel active and exciting - you're not just ticking boxes on a brief, you're learning how to collaborate and build professional working relationships. Your creative partnerships for the duration of this project are listed below - and no radio silence please! First job - go introduce yourself via a blog comment and get things rolling. If you don't interact with others positively and productively you're being unprofessional - simple as - and professionalism is one of your key assessment criteria on all CGAA project briefs.

Creative Partnerships: Cinematic Spaces 2013

Candice Hiu Fu Leung@ http://candice-hiufu.blogspot.co.uk

Elaine Liu @ http://ucaelaineliu.blogspot.co.uk
Tijan Sarr-Dix @ TBC

Your first Online Greenlight Review is Wednesday 9th October, the specific requirements for which will be announced here on the group blog later this week, so stay tuned, read the brief, read it again,  use myUCA, read stuff, research stuff, draw stuff, enjoy yourself, work hard and 'be amazing!'

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