Sunday, September 01, 2013

CGAA Misc: Bloodycuts Presents Suckablood

"Debuting in June 2011, Bloody Cuts is an anthology series of horror shorts (as well as the name of the production company) aiming for thirteen instalments, of which eight have surfaced so far. Available to watch free on the Bloody Cuts website, the films have attracted hundreds of thousands of views online, successfully hit the festival circuit, and picked up glowing notices from far and wide."  Read the full Empire article here.

Suckablood is but one of eight horror-themed short films available to watch as part of the Bloodycuts anthology project.  You just know that everyone involved in this initiative is having a while of a time, and while the content might not be your cup-of-tea, it's worth checking out the 'making of' videos supporting this venture as they convey a certain fearlessness, enterprise and team spirit that will certainly inspire.

Suckablood - Making Of


  1. WOOOWWWWW! I loved that!! That's all their own script too?

    I'm off to see more! Thanks Phil! :D

    1. Just watched 'Don't Move'. Goodness me there's some good practical effects work in there! Yucky! XP

    2. I've watched most of them now - mixed quality - but yes, 'Don't Move' is a nice one - and that last fx shot - grim!

    3. Oh yes, I definitely wasn't expecting that one! XP

      On the subject of horror, have you managed to watch 'The Conjuring' yet?

    4. Not yet - in truth, the trailer put me off, because it looks too slick, but I also hear it's been getting decent reviews - what's your verdict? I've just bought myself Ben Wheatley's Kill List - the best horror film in years in my humble opinion. It's the first horror film in a long time to actually get under my skin. If you haven't watched it yet, you should - in the dark, and without any prior research or plot summaries.... You have your instructions! :)

    5. Ohhh nooo! If it unsettled you then I'm gonna reeeeaally struggle! But I have my orders. I'll let Jon know he has to watch it with me whether he likes it or not then :P

      As for 'The Conjuring', I do agree that the trailer doesn't sell it very well but I really enjoyed it. They used only being able to watch the character's reactions to their advantage as one of the most effective scenes involved one of the little girls seeing a horror we couldn't. I definitely think it's worth a watch though, a very decent haunted house film :)