Wednesday, September 04, 2013

CGAA One-A-Day: Baobab

An animation set in a serene patterned world, where a Tree and a  Monkey  lives within.  I return to this piece so often just to remain in awe of it. Stunning art direction with a simple yet tragic narrative.

BAOBAB from Baobab on Vimeo.


  1. mankind f**king everything up again - sigh. Thanks for sharing, Alex :)

    1. hey all.
      occasionally i do enjoy popping by here to check out any animations people have thought inspirational and worth sharing. Not sure how i can make a post like this so i thought i'd "comment" this film i came across today:

      its a really nice short film created by some 'Utrecht School of the Arts' students. This is a really nice simple idea, excellently executed, and looks amazing!

      Fletch @ Glassworks.