Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Despicable Me 2's Fart Blaster Is Hollywood's Hottest Toy of the Summer!

It's official: Despicable Me 2's Fart-Blaster toy is the must have accessory...

"In July, two weeks before Universal Pictures' Despicable Me 2opened in U.K. theaters, retailers and Thinkway Toys, the master license holder for the animated movie, pulled their TV and print advertising. The entire line of DM2 toys already had sold out.

"Customers were coming in and getting very upset they couldn't get the Minions," says Stephanie Sperber, president of Universal Partnerships & Licensing. "And this is after three reorders and air-freighting in products, which in the toy business is unheard of. People don't air-freight. It makes things exponentially more expensive."

What happened in the U.K. wasn't isolated. Sales for DM2 toys in the U.S., other parts of Europe, Mexico and Latin America were equally robust. In a summer heavy with animated family movies, surprisingly few exploded at the box office and at retail.Despicable Me 2, which scored the biggest opening to date for an animated movie at $293 million worldwide in five days, was a star in both."

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