Sunday, August 04, 2013

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge - Your 'What If?' Week Begins Tonight at 6pm!

Even as I sit on my sofa all these miles away from you, I can hear the sound of thumbs twiddling and the deadening hum of otherwise creative brains going offline...  

Quickly, let's stop the rot and kick-start something fun before it's too late!  Luckily, I have just the thing for you... a week of quick-fire speed paint challenges with which to amuse and preoccupy you while your sunburn calms and your economy-sized tins of cheap supermarket cider cool in the fridge... 

Starting tonight at 6pm, an all-new Speed Paint challenge theme will go live here on the group blog - and every night at 6pm until 11/08/2013. Your paintings will then be anthologised and showcased on the group blog in a single presentation document for everyone's delight, delectation and feedback.  

Your week's challenges will have a concept-in-common, your paintings made in response to the question, 'What If?'  Each challenge will require of you a little bit of visual research before you embark, the point and direction of which will become obvious when the challenges go live.

So, limber up, dust down your pen and tablet, crack those knuckles and let's pick up the pace a bit! Spread the word - let's get as many of you on board as humanly possible.  See you at 6pm!  

Be amazing!

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  1. Hey Phil, I was debating when to kick start the speed painting stuff back of again after a little break, some great ideas here and already some interesting work coming through. I'll have to start thinking of ideas post the eighth.