Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge: Augustus Savininkas' Amazing Travelling Circus. The Strongman

Augustus Savininkas' Stupendous Travelling Circus

I thought a bit of character design wouldn't go too far amiss, and circuses are a font for all sorts of quirkiness and odd goings on so for the next few days I will be asking for designs for ringmaster and co-owner Augustus (Gus)  Savininkas' ensemble of misfits and outcasts.

First up is 140kg (that is 308lbs in old money) man mountain  Demir Bulut chiseled from the Taurus Mountains of Turkey. Demir is the mustachioed Strongman of the circus. Gus encourages him to play to stereotype by wearing a fez and maintain a surly silence when punters are in the locality. In reality he is very chatty and the mustache is a fake. The fez he doesn't mind as it is hiding his receding hair line although he does like to to vary his choice of titfer.

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