Thursday, July 25, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Anaheim, CA : Diaries : Day 02

Day 02, my first morning in America.

For this first morning I decided to go and find something American to eat for breakfast, so I walked to IHOP - International House of Pancakes. In Phil Gomm fashion I will be posting pictures of my meals in these daily diaries too.

Figure 01. IHOP

Figure 02. Original Short Stack pancakes with Old Fashioned syrup and decaf coffee.

After some pancakes (couldn't eat them all) I decided to walk to the Anaheim Conventions Centre. I had hoped to have a look around inside so I would have some sort of bearings before my first shift on friday, I managed to find somebody by waving through the glass doors and he said that 'today nobody is allowed in due to security problems', so that was my plan out the window.

Later on I checked the forums and some Team Leaders were at the Conference Centre so I went along, but they had gone by the time I got there. At least I now know a bit more of the inner building.

Figure 03. Anaheim Convention Centre Arena

Figure 04. Anaheim Convention Centre Main Entrance

Figure 05. We NEED These in the BASEROOM!!!!

Figure 06. Dinner - COCO's Bakery BBQ Prime Rib burger and fries (you could have Fruit with your burger instead of fries - never heard that one before) and a slice of cherry pie thrown in.... I couldn't eat half of it it's so filling and haven't tried the pie yet

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