Thursday, July 25, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Anaheim, CA : Diaries : Day 01

Day 01 : Travelling to LA

I was sat in the Virgin Atlantic Airbus, unsure whether I've become that much bigger or the seats have become that much smaller. I've never been to America, my travels have always taken me to the other direction of the world, far east, middle east, europe, so my excitement and nervousness were on a very high level. It was time for that all known safety video announcement. I sat there watching.... and I thought to myself, the animation and characters in this video have a familiar style.... I wonder how this would look if NEXUS could get their hands on it....  At the end of the video, by NEXUS Productions appeared and I sat in my seat with my mouth catching flies trying to calculate the probability of this event. The place I just finished my work experience made the safety announcement for my first flight to America.  I spoke to Mark Davies and apparently it's about 12 years old, one of the early works.

So the flight was long and I watched 4 films, (Warm Bodies, The Guilt Trip, Identity Thief & Silver Linings Playbook) walked around the plane, saw hours of fluffy white cloud saturated in sunlight, and we arrived.

Figure 01.

Figure  02.

It took an hour getting through customs, then I found my ride to the hotel (super-shuttle).
On this shuttle was a nice lady with very bright, hot-pink hair by the name of Sue, who happened to also be going to SIGGRAPH working in the Gallery. So we had a nice long conversation, while the driver decided to do laps of the airport, we swapped business cards, talked about parties and events on at the conference and what we do in 'normal' days. A bit of information about Sue :

Sue Gollifer is a Principal Lecturer in Fine Art, in the School of Arts and Communication and the Course Leader for the MA in Digital Media Arts (DMA) and Director of ISEA International Headquarters. She has been a professional artist/printmaker for over 30 years, exhibiting work regularly throughout the world and her work is held in major national and international public collections. She has established a number of international artistic and educational contacts, particularly in Europe, the United States, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and has contributed to the development of an international community of artists and scholars with a shared interest in new technology. She is the Assistant Editor of Digital Creativity, published by Taylor Francis and Routledge, and on the Leonardo Editorial Review Board of Transactions.
We both checked in at the same hotel and said 'catch you later'. I found my room and flopped on the bed. A full day of travelling - Job Done! :)

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