Sunday, July 07, 2013

New Designers 2013 - The End

Job done Class of 2013! Congratulations all of you on an awarding-winning New Designers 2013!  Special thanks to Stevie P, Lydia and Anita for all their usherette-action - and for those all those lovely idents, Steve.  Thanks too to Chris Hunt for being our 'white van man' and coming to London to collect our hurriedly dismantled cinema.  

Final word then? Something inspirational about 'as one door closes' and all that, and something too about saying 'au revoir' and not 'goodbye'...  Wishing all of you happy travels and best of luck for the future; follow up on those contacts, be pro-active, and keep in touch! :)


  1. Not the end.... the start of greater things! :)

  2. Great job guys! Good luck and keep up your great work!

  3. shame I didn't see it all in the flesh.. Looks like an amazing show you put on. Massive congratulations, good luck in your careers, the more ambitious the better..