Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trailer: The LEGO Movie (2014)

I was fully prepared to hate this movie on principle - I mean come on - but discovered to my growing disquiet that I was rather charmed by the faux-stopmotion CGI and the meta-gags.  The LEGO Movie - harmless fun, or another symptom of our cultural bankruptcy and enslavement by mega-corporations?  



  1. Probably going to get shot down for this, but definitely harmless fun. I am actually really excited about this one, firstly already got loads of merchandise, secondly it's a Lego movie with techno A-HA soundtrack so just the trailer presses lots of nostalgia buttons.

  2. WOW! at first I thought really?? a Lego Movie? but I am intrigued and actually want to see this!

  3. Will Arnett as Batman? COME ON!
    On a serious note I really like the look of this :D