Monday, June 17, 2013

FAO Simon - Hulk

Okay - this wasn't a 'speed paint' exactly - this took me about an hour, and I can honestly say that I'm as surprised by the result of this challenge as anyone!   It's all gone a bit Chris Foss!  I need to share with you that my spaceship (my 'Hulk' of the Star Flotilla Salamis) began life by me nicking the image of a Greek statue in keeping with Simon's theme, multiplying it, deforming it and then pulling it into some semblance of perspective and then... well, all at once, it was this!  Everything you think you're seeing on that space-craft - the texture, the structure etc. - came about through 'not drawing' anything!  Photoshop is witchcraft after all!

(This is my spaceship!)

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