Thursday, June 06, 2013

Easy way to Animate! This made me laugh so hard

I'm sure this is how people actually think animation is done sometimes. What an awesome, funny video. On top of that, the guy is actually a FANTASTIC animator. Check it out, probably the best video you'll see all day!

Also, I get this weird thing lately. When something is poorly executed, it takes you completely out of the work because it's so jarring. When something is well executed, I'm taken out of it because I'm now trying to work out how the hell they actually did it! I can't win :(


  1. This was posted on here a couple days ago....

  2. Oh, well nevermind then.
    (I rarely frequent this blog anymore, just wanted to share the wealth ;'( )

  3. Oh I must've missed it before too. This animation is so genius XP