Monday, June 03, 2013

CGAA Year 2 Natalie Urwin Wins First Place at Flipside Film Festival

Congratulations to CGAA Year 2 student, Natalie Urwin, whose short live action thriller Blind (2012) won in its category at the Flipside Youth Film Festival 2013.

And now some words from our winner...

"Blind was made at the BFI in the summer of 2012 as part of the D.I.Y. Thriller Film Fortnight Hitchcock special.  Our team consisted of 6 members thrown together at random.  Most of us had no experience at all of making a film, but we just went for it, learning how to make an original short suspense thiller on a low-to-no budget as we went along. 

Blind originated out of three main things; Charlie, our director, suggested basing the film around a blind character, Mairéad wrote the script, and I created the storyboard - overnight! - in which everything was in black until objects were heard or felt, communicating the experience of a blind person’s point of view.  It was a brilliant experience - thanks to our mentor Nuru Mkali.  All the teams' films were then screened at the wrap party with special guest Joe Cornish, who awarded Blind 'best short' - which was an amazing feeling.

Blind (2012)

When we heard we had been shortlisted for the Flipside Film Festival there was a swarm of excited emails between our team.  Some of us were able to attend the BFI Awards Ceremony on Thursday 30th May, where we were able to watch all shortlisted films, with the awards following each category. When it came to our category there were some heart stopping moments.  I honestly didn’t know which way it would go.  As soon as Blind was awarded first place we all jumped up with excitement and made our way to the stage where there was a short question and answer session - and goodies; a trophy, a goodie bag and t-shirts.  Now I can say, 'been there, got the t-shirt!' 

This project really was about a group of young people with a passion for film making who had great fun making a short and getting to know each other along the way."

Well done from all of us here on CGAA, Nat.  We're very proud of you!