Saturday, May 11, 2013

Visual effects workers in film industry 'overworked'

Really interesting little story from the BBC about people in the visual effects industry being overworked. Much better than being under worked.


  1. Yet the opportunity for young creatives to carve their niche into the world seems in some ways, more optimistic and viable than it ever has been.

    Personally, I know which route I'd rather go down. :)

  2. "They seem to have an idea that it's just people pressing buttons on a keyboard". Right, and "photography" is just pushing down the shutter button. No. It is easy to criticise when you not a practitioner in that area yourself (to some degree e.g. you do not need to be a politician to know it is being run by a bunch of pissants). Some of the industries unethical bias is a massive put off.