Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reminder: The CGAA Super Screening Needs You!

Friday 24th May is the CGAA Super Screening - an end-of-term celebration of all your creative endeavour this academic year.  By the agency of some raffle tickets and the now-legendary 'mysterious blue box', we'll randomise the running order and enjoy a veritable pot pourri of cg eye-candy.  

I'll open Lecture Theatre 2 at 10am so you can come in and get your files on the computer; alternatively, you can present from your blog/Vimeo/Youtube etc.  This isn't a crit - it's a show and tell and an opportunity to share with others the inside-track on the highs, lows and home truths of making cg happen.

In addition, Tom Beg & Jordan Buckner will be sharing with you their progress so far on the ACT Live Commission project and the  new look for the CGAA group blog will be unveiled!

If you're participating in the screening, could you just leave a comment below so I can get a sense of our numbers/running time for the event.  Obviously you can attend and not show work - the more the merrier.

Remember too that we'll be going for a drink after the screening as a way of winding down and rounding off another busy year. 

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow :)