Monday, May 13, 2013

CGAA One-A-Day: We Should Make Strange Things

Has to be one of my favourite animated shorts, watched it quite a few times already. The use of colour and composition just makes it so easy to enjoy!! I also like the sounds used and how the objects seem to come to life through music!!
[Description below via AwesomeRobo]
 Japanese animation studio Tange Films is behind this surreal animated short, 'We Should Make Strange Things.' Definitely holding true to the title, it shows us the story of a [literally] drifting, lost man (man?) and his encounters with the bizarre and fantastical.  To say this piece is dream-like would be more than accurate, as it appears it is about sleep itself and the crazy things our minds like to come up with.  Utilizing a very simple color palette of blue, pink, and black/white, it's very stylized and abstract.

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