Saturday, May 04, 2013

Batch Render Question

I've noticed the batch render seems to hang/ freeze at random points in the animation. I checked the render diagnostic and in snort it was saying :

- If Completed_Book_w_Outlines_file2 is not a memory mappable file, use imf_copy to convert it to .map format, to improve the performance.
  - Eye_texture has a resolution of 2048x2048 which may be inefficient.

For almost all of the textures, is it basically telling me to make the file size smaller, like 1024x 1024 or do I have to lower the dpi from 300 to something else?


  1. One of your textures has a problem and Mental Ray is asking you to convert it to a .map files using imf copy. This could be a number of problems with your image however you definately shouldn't have texture files set at 300dpi.

  2. You describe this very well. I would not do it myself.