Saturday, May 04, 2013

@Alan Maya hair dynamic issue (Rather urgent)

I recently moved my work to another computer and when I looked at a playblast of Rhea walking one of the hair pieces is, kind of flicking in an unusual way. so where the rest of the hair flops down this hair piece flicks and then snaps back into position.

I'm not sure why its doing that so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Before I noticed it acting strangely the only things that had changed were: The computer I was doing it on, I had tried to create a collision object between The hair pieces and Rhea's body, (and because I'm using 2013) I had also tried using the ncloth collision object on Rhea at a point but it didn't seem to stop the hair from going through her head.

I don't think Rhea's body is still a collision object although I'm not sure how I'd be able to tell it was.

I had also checked the follicle that was misbehaving it seemed to have collision on , I turned it off and didn't make a difference, but when I went to look back it seemed to be back on again, which seems to be some sort of glitch.

Thank you in advance


  1. Unfortunately I would need to explore your file to correct this problem. However, if the hair is NHair then the collision object should be a Passive Collider. Also, make sure that the hair is not under (penetrating) the collision object - Eg The collision object should be under or away from the follicle and hair curve.

  2. ok.
    This may be an obvious question but how can you tell if an object already has a passive collider on it/ how do you remove it?
    Even though I am already rendering I'll bring in the scene next week to show you what I mean, however I have a suspicion that it will behave different on the uni computers, (since it did that once already).