Thursday, April 04, 2013

Roger Ebert 1942-2013

Russ Meyer alongside Roger Ebert.

The saviour of many an essay and dissertation. The sad news of the day is the film critic Roger Ebert died after a lengthy illness.  Probably the most influential modern film critic. His archive of film reviews available online is an amazing resource, so he leaves behind a massive legacy of content. He also wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls directed by Russ Meyer, which is a B-Movie classic! Strangely, he also liked one of my animations and posted it on his blog a couple years back.


  1. This is so sad! He almost feels like a friend to the course - and he's been the enrichment of many a student review on CGAA - and he obviously had great taste after picking up on Tom's sassy mushroom. Generations of CGAA students owe Ebert a debt of gratitude. Thanks for sharing, Tom.

  2. He certainly influenced the way I watch, think and try to write about films that's for sure. I referenced him liberally!

    There's loads of Siskel and Ebert on Youtube. I could genuinely read and watch his reviews all day.

  3. Very sad indeed. It's rare to find a critic who's opinion you both appreciate and respect. Siskel and Ebert is still my favourite movie review show. They were a joy to listen too - Check them out.