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Post With The Most 28/04/2013

Let's cut to the chase: on the 3rd, 8th and 10th of May, years 1, 2, 3 of Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation will submit their final projects and the academic year 2012/13 will come to an end.  This, the all-new April edition of the Post With The Most captures the 'about-to-be' of those final year projects.  In the days that follow, our students will experience stress, a few heart-stopping moments, exhaustion and the euphoria of the finish line. Good luck - all of you!  For the rest of us, we can enjoy the luxury of this sneak peak into the students' culminative projects and look forward to the May edition of the CGAA PWTM showcasing a selection of those final projects in all their bright and shiny entirety! Bring it on.

Our year one students' final project sees them commissioned by Dr Peter Klappa, senior lecturer in biosciences at the University of Kent, to create original cg animations from bioscientic scenarios.  Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation has a growing reputation in regard to producing cg content that bridges the gap effectively and imaginatively between arts and science subjects - and this year's latest crop of science-themed animations looks set to impress.  Enjoy the selection of production drawings, animatics and pre-viz that follow:

Lucy Yelding - The Eukaryotic Cell Structure

character design/concept art

modeled scene (wip)


Emily Clarkson - The Eukaryotic Cell Structure

concept art

render tests

Jake Bryant - The Cell Cycle

concept art


Modeled mechanisms

Peta-Gaye Brown - The Prokaryote Blues

concept art/character design

modeled character

Nadia Yalladee - The Cell Cycle


Kymberly Mumford - The Structure Of A Eukaryotic Plant Cell


Meg Howett - The Cell Cycle

modeled environment (wip)

Katy Fosdike - The Cell Cycle

concept art

Samantha Niemczyk - The Prokaryotic Life

concept art/character design

modeled character


Shan Mason - The Eukaryotic Cell

test renders

The Adaptation brief is always a landmark project for our year 2 students, for not only does it represent the halfway point of their degree studies, it also makes manifest their growing confidence, aptitude and specialisation.  The rigors of Adaptation are those on which successful year 3 experiences are founded and this year's projects look set to push the bar.  

Steven Payne - Making Plans For Nigel

modeled environment & character

Ernesta Baniulyte - Kafka's Metamorphosis

animation tests

modeled games character & vehicle 

Anita Gill - Calypso's Island

modeled environment (occlusion pass) & lighting tests

Emma Foster - Around The World In Eighty Days

modeled environment + texture & lighting tests (wip)

texture map

Tom Farrington - 'Lenny' from The Golden City

Samantha Butler - 'Winter' from How Glooskap Caught The Summer

Chrissie Peters - 'Plop' from The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark

Alice Druzga - 'Tiffany' from The Wee Free Men

Tiffany turnaround

Lydia Caplan - Twenty To Nine

Miss Haversham live action footage for compositing into digital set

Nat Urwin - Winnie

Animation test

This time of year is stressful and fraught for all our students, but perhaps none more so than for our third years, who are not only dealing with the complex, time-pressurised challenges of completing their major projects but who are thinking too about 'what next?'. The future has never felt closer than now. Still, let's not get ahead of ourselves; deadline day is still a few days off, so until next month's PWTM here are some all-new hints and glimpses...

Alex Zepherin - Anima

Justin Easton - Martian & Suit

Bestia Studios (Sam Tremain & Domantas Lukosius) - Canto XIII

Harpy's roost model

Environment test 

Harpy model (wip)

Harpy blendshapes test

Molly Bolder - Dream Cleaners

Clarissa animation test

Max Rogers - Spirit Of The Snow Wolf

Amarok & environment test render

Lyn-Dae Stewart - 'Rhea Monroe'

Rhea walk-cycle

Mango Mercury (Dayle Sanders & Andriana Laskari) - Kinnaree

Kinnaree test renders

Hemmy test renders

Kinnaree's dance (wip)

Kinnaree environment + character composition test

Bharathi Anthonysamy - Num Num

Num Num animation & particles test

In other news... not content with creating her own original animation for the Adaptation brief, CGAA year 2 student, Nat Urwin recently completed work on a live commission for the NHS - an advertisement making good use of Nat's natural flair for hand drawn animation (last seen bringing an ebullient toadstool to life). Go here to  read more about her involvement with the project.

Meet Joe 

The Final Word...

“All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one characteristic we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers.”  Henry David Thoreau


  1. Thank you!

    And wooo, this post is really exciting! A huge amount of really awesome work! Good luck everyone!! Just looking at all these projects makes me all eager to work : D

  2. This makes me happy! So much variety :D Well done everyone! The course work gets more and more exciting each year.

  3. Congrats with so many great projects being only steps away from ful accomplishment! (:]

  4. Congratulations to all, some absolutely great looking projects. All with unique approaches, styles and tones. Keep up the hard work and stay level headed. The final weeks will always have the most drastic effect upon yourselves and your projects. Keep positive and keep up this high level of quality. Best of luck to all.

  5. Well done everyone. Good luck & stay positive during the final weeks.

  6. Hello everyone,

    There is some amazing work here and some beautiful models. well done to you all and good luck for your final weeks.

    I like Alice Druzga's 'Tiffany'. Its a subtly moody model, looks cool! I also really enjoyed Samantha Niemczyk's The Prokaryotic Life. Its funny expressions and simple but effective ways indicated the anatomy of the cell were very playful. I would love to see a more fully animated version.

    That's all from me.

    Many thanks and good luck!

    Head of P&R Framestore

  7. So very happy to see all this brilliant work here! Congrats to all of you.... keep up the quality and enjoy every bit of the last mile! Its worth it and it will show in your work. Good luck! And thanks again tutor Phil for sharing all this inspiration. xMeg

  8. Hello all, just stopped by to see the latest work on show. Can't believe the variety on show here, testament to the spirit of experimentation and creativity. Love some of the more sculptural character work people have been making. Always great to see how people on CGAA have made so much progress by jumping in the deep end and picking up invaluable skills along the way. Massive good luck with the final push everyone, dig deep and enjoy..

    Phill :-)

  9. hello all,

    this is Fletch from Glassworks here. Just checking in with first post to the post with the most.

    ive had some time to browse through the stuff on here, ive just tried to do individual comments on everything i can see here.

    i really enjoyed Samantha Niemczyk's playful animatic, and the renders from Lydia Caplan, Alice Druzga and Shan Mason.

    there's overall some great stuff going on here! Keep it up!

    i had some time whilst waiting for my own renders, (im also working increasingly long hours on projects too at the mo) to write some stuff, that may or may not be useful (probably the latter)

    anyway go to this link if you fancy to have a look at what i thought!

    good luck with the final weeks! keep pushing.

    1. Wow, Fletch. 2784 words of feedback and that's only the first and second years. Thankyou very much.

      In response to my feedback, some good points made which I'm working on already. I know people don't sit rigid (mostly), and it's quite funny, I had had that boob flop idea too. I like the idea of the small eyes behind, I was going for the weirdness of her eyes being the glasses themselves, kind of a metaphor, so once the animation is finished I can work on any tweaks after I've seen how it looks.

      Thanks Again for all the Great feedback

    2. Fletch! Wow indeed - you're a gent; that's a whole lot of feedback from a guy who is probably up to his own ears in high-octane projects and looming deadlines. Much appreciated - thanks again! :)

    3. no worries guys!
      i thought id try to make a good effort for my first post.
      Sometimes during some of the more tedious aspects on the job (mainly caching, simulatiions, and rendering) the mind does tend to wonder a bit, its great to have some alternative visual stimulus, as watching a progress bar is never really that exciting.

    4. Thank you for the feedback!

    5. Thank you for the feedback Fletch, very much appreciated and have taken your advice on board. I did film the live action footage just in case you were still wondering :)