Monday, April 29, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1 & Year 2 & Year 3: Next Tuesday = Free Day!

As some of you may have heard already, I've taken pity on our poor, stressed & sleep-deprived 2nd and 3rd years and cleared out next Tuesday (May 7th) of all other commitments - other than getting your submissions ready, of course!  What this means is that Darren Wall of Planet Jump Productions will now be visiting us on Tuesday May 21st @ 2pm Lecture Theatre 1 and for all those year 2 students due to meet with Pete Wallace re. summer work experience with Butch Auntie, you'll be seeing him on Friday 17th May @ 10am.


  1. Hahaha I'll be missing out on both visitors then. Any chance they would wear an audio recorder?

  2. Great comments - Speaking of which , others are wanting a a form , my business filled out and faxed a template form here