Monday, April 15, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Storytelling & Commission/Fantastic Voyage: ONWARDS!

Welcome back CGAA Year 1!  I hope you're all rested and raring to go because, as of tomorrow you've got just 18 days before the Fantastic Voyage final crit!  You hardly need me to tell you how excited people are to see the fruits of your bioscientic labours.  High expectations are a compliment - and a challenge.  It's time then to pick up the pace and feel some creative urgency again. Your timetable has been cleared to make way for lots and lots of production time.  This is not an accident.  This is an instruction.  Onwards, you lot, onwards!

... and perhaps now would be a good opportunity for this other timely reminder: remember, ladies and gents - you can't polish a turd.  No amount of post-production can conceal a story that isn't working, a sequence that doesn't communicate, underwhelming art direction, or a project undone by poor project management.  Your Fantastic Voyage film represents the culmination of your year one on CGAA.  It's you at your very best, at your most learned, ambitious and experienced. It's you at your most professional, authoritative and purposeful.   Don't disappoint.  

"Be Amazing!"

Finally, I want to see lots of activity and buzz on your blogs.  I want to see some CG pre-viz happening asap.  I want to see models, texture maps, test renders, animation trials, lighting experiments - the works!  Be sure to read your brief again; you've been asked to create a 'deluxe' Making Of document.  The dictionary definition of 'deluxe' is as follows:

"Particularly elegant and luxurious; sumptuous"

Please don't underestimate the significance of this word.  Your accompanying Making Of needs to be as beautiful as it is exhaustive.   

Good luck - and always feel free to come and see me. 

Fantastic Voyage 2013 = Pow!

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