Monday, April 15, 2013

'Disco Inferno' Scheduling Conflict! Oh dear... :-(

'Film Thursday's' has been struck by a case of UCA Rochester room booking conflicts, though I may have been slow off the mark this time. After an entire year of no one booking the space except for me, it seems like someone has decided to take the coveted Thursday evening in Lecture Theatre One for the last three weeks of term. I can either move the screenings to a Wednesday or book Lecture Theatre 2 on a Thursday at a  same time. Let me know, otherwise Disco may truly be dead!  :(


  1. I think moving to Lecture Theatre Two might prove a better course of action, rather than move to Wednesday. Thoughts?

  2. There seems to be a creative workshop in LT2 on Thursdays afternoon and those things always overun! My current plan is to postpone this week, and reschedule in Alan's slot on Tuesday evenings as he's finishing his series this week. That wouldn't really make any changes to anyone's timetable, and would mean the screenings wont be on the Thursday prior to deadlines. It does mean Priscilla might be get bumped off though! :)