Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UCA Easter Opening Times

This notice from Campus management will be going out over myUCA, but I thought I'd share it here first:

In recognition of the additional pressure and demands upon our 3rd year students at this time of year, it has been confirmed that the campuses and resources will be available to support 3rd year students during 8.4.13 – 12.4.13 of the Easter holiday.

The campuses, excluding the library, will remain closed to students during 2 /4/13 – 5/4/13.

Please check the Library website for details about opening hours for your local campus.


  1. So is that just 3rd years allowed in then?

  2. apparently so, but I suggest any year 1/2 students who feel strongly about the issue discuss it with their student reps and email Chris Hunt.