Thursday, March 21, 2013

More CGAA Alumni Get 'Motion Served'

In light of the current CGAA year one project 'Fantastic Voyage', this latest bit of CGAA Alumni news is very timely!  Back in 2011, UCA and Dr Peter Klappa commissioned some of our most talented graduates to produce more science-themed animations, one of which has just been 'Motion Served' by the Behance Team - hand-picked and showcased as being of particular artistic and technical merit.  Congratulations to Jon Stewart and Pol Winandy - job well done!

I thought I'd also include here some of the Youtube comments left in response to Jon and Pol's animation as further incentive to our year one students to create some knock-out 'spectacular science' of their own....

"the coolest, most dramatic video about the immune system. please make more!"

"Best science vid everrrr!!"

"If only there was an entire medical encyclopedia of animations such as this one. Well done."



  1. Congratulations guys, it's a superb piece of work :)

  2. When I saw this on the Motion Graphics Served website I did think that it reminded me of a commission for Dr. Klappa. It looks awesome =) Well done!