Friday, March 01, 2013

Maya Sneak Peek - Grease Pencil

I'm assuming this is a peak at a Maya 2014 tool (I hope so).

My only problem with Maya of recent years is that they never seem to put any attention into the modelling tools. I would hope that this years revision will get some much needed love. The new split polygon tool they put in wasn't very good, and the old one is still as buggy as it has always been. Furthermore, moving common tools from the context menu (shift and right click being the main one) to different locations in Maya 2013 was extremely alienating. Developing a fast, efficient work flow using habitual flicks of your wrist/mouse to hit things at a speed, like split polygon tool, and then moving them from being a flick left to a flick right (for example) is not pleasant and an unprofessional thing to do with a piece of software where efficiency and speed is key. I know it slowed my workflow down quite dramatically for the first couple of days whilst I would keep selecting a completely different tool to what I was after. (They also put split polygon tool into a sub menu, so you have to now flick left and then right after a slight pause; meaning it requires two flicks of the mouse instead of the one - those flicks soon add up you know, Autodesk!) It feels like all of their revisions these days seem to be on old tools that are coming to the end of their copyright. In short : More, up to date modelling tools are needed! 3DS Max is a far superior modelling software, but it feels far too clunky for me to get anything done on it. What I love about Maya is how customisable it is for your workflow.


  1. Interesting addition but only if they fix existing problems first.