Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Has drawing been erased from animation?'

After yesterday's fantastic showreel presentations, I was interested to see this news article from the BBC, on the importance of being able to draw as a foundation for CG animation - have a look at the article here.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jackie - the article talks about a third wave of animation, which I'm excited about, because it does feel as if a more blended, less tribal approach to 2d/CG is where the interest is now.

  2. Disney's problem was that their most recent 2D features stunk. At least in comparison to their films which built their legacy. Of course audiences won't be interested if the best you can do is Brother Bear, Home on the Range and Princess and the Frog.

    2D will return, but it needs to find a good platform for it's resurgence.

    1. agreed - the story rules, the format doesn't.

  3. It will come back, but CG is still young and new. It's the new toy at Christmas. Once the novelty wears off (we are getting there) then you'll see it coming back, hopefully with more creativity and combined with CG elements.